Judging Application

  • Please list the number and letter of the categories in which your firm has entered (Ex. 12A, 15P, 13W.). Click here for a complete list. Judges are asked to recuse themselves from judging categories in which their firm has entered.

  • As a judge of entries for competitive purposes in the HSMAI 2019 Adrian Awards competition, I agree to the following: I am qualified to be a part of the 2019 Adrian Awards Judging Team. In addition, I have blocked time on my calendar and will fulfill my commitment to judge 40 entries online by September 14, 2019.

    I agree that I will permanently treat in strict and absolute confidence all information that is a part of the competitive entries reviewed. I will not divulge any information contained in the entries, or their standing in the competition to others, nor will I take any action to use the information for my personal benefit.

    I agree that I have no conflict of interest in reviewing the information in the entries submitted and have no involvement with any potentially competitive organization.

    Contact HSMAI directly at 571-442-8489 or ewilson@hsmai.org for questions regarding judging.