Hospitality Recovery Hero: Frank Ashmore

As part of the 2021 Adrian Awards program, HSMAI Hospitality Recovery Heroes is honoring hospitality professionals working toward recovery at the local and front-line levels, supporting hotels, destinations, safety measures, and charitable programs that have helped make a difference for their companies and in their communities. HSMAI has three final hospitality professionals to honor as part of the 2021 class of Hospitality Recovery Heroes.

HOSPITALITY RECOVERY HERO: Frank Ashmore, Managing Director at 1440 Multiversity

CONTRIBUTION:  Facing severe negative economic impact for his own hospitality property due to both COVID-19 and wildfires, Frank Ashmore stepped up with compassion and innovation with his organization 1440 Multiversity and created a vision and philanthropic program that heals the healers – Creating Hope for Living Well. Ashmore’s efforts and compassion were instrumental in offering healing scholarships to frontline workers and first responders. These workers who go through enormous stress, anxiety, and mental health concerns come to 1440’s health and wellness property to heal and rejuvenate.

RESULTS: In total, Ashmore’s leadership and efforts helped feed more than 60,000 people in homeless shelters in the county and housing people victimized by the wildfires. He also led a strategic partnership with Milestone Inc for a new website that helped raise over 1 million dollars to serve the vision through donations.

NOMINATED BY: Erik Newton, Milestone, Inc, “We are moved and inspired by the leadership Frank Ashmore took to make the vision a reality and respond to the pandemic. He is a recovery hero with heart who gives to the people in our society who need it most. Frank’s inclusiveness and large-heartedness to embrace military veterans, healthcare workers, farmers, the local community, and unhoused people in the healing program inspires us greatly.”

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