Entries are evaluated in five equally weighed categories and scored based on a graduated point system ranging from 0-50 shown below:

  • Marketing Objectives 10 points
  • Creativity 10 points
  • Quality 10 points
  • Content 10 points
  • Results 10 points
  • Total 50 points

Approximately 200 industry experts are invited to serve as members of the Adrian Awards judging panel. Judges are comprised of advertising, public relations, communications, media, and digital professionals, along with leading members of the travel community. Judges determine category scores independently of one another and are asked to evaluate each entry based on its own merit and success with achieving its objectives as outlined in the entry’s Statement of Communication. Scores are then added cumulatively, and an average score is determined.

Each entry is scored by a minimum of three judges. Entries are not judged against other entries in their category. Therefore, it is possible to have multiple entries place at the gold, silver and bronze levels within a single category. All scores are computed electronically online and then reviewed and verified by officials of HSMAI. Final scores are not revealed.

For 2024, a Best of Category Award will be given in each entry category for small, medium and large budget campaigns, as well as Gold, Silver and Bronze awards. Each Gold Award recipient will be considered for Platinum awards, and Platinums will be considered for Best of Show in the Advertising, PR/Communications, Integration Campaigns, and Digital divisions.

Budget Ranges: Advertising, Digital, PR/Communications Divisions

Small: $0 – $25,000
Medium: $26,000 – $500,000
Large: $501,000 – Above

Budget Ranges: Integrated Campaign Division

Small: $0 – $100,000
Medium: $101,000 – $750,000
Large: $751,000 – Above

Judges are held to the highest standards for integrity, fairness and objectivity. Judges must keep information contained within each entry confidential. Adrian Award judges must recuse themselves for scoring any entry that may represent a conflict of interest.

Becoming A Judge

The Adrian Awards Steering Committee is looking for expert hospitality, travel, tourism, and/or media experts to participate as judges. This is a great opportunity for you to share your knowledge and get an insider’s look at travel marketing practices.


  • At least eight years of hospitality, travel, or tourism marketing or specific media experience in advertising, public relations/communications, electronic media, publishing, travel writing, destination or product marketing.
    • Aptitude for current trends in marketing.
    • Ability to be objective.
    • Capacity to hold to a commitment of confidentiality regarding the work and results viewed during judging, and the results of judging.
    • Desire to contribute to your profession.
    • Access to high-speed Internet service.
    • Integrity not to judge categories in which your firm or client has entered.
    • Time to judge at least 40 entries online between September 10, 2024 and October 18, 2024.
    • Commitment to complete online judging process by October 18, 2024.

If you are interested in becoming an HSMAI Adrian Awards judge, Apply Here.

For more information, contact ellen.wilson@hsmai.org.