The 2022 Adrian Awards competition has three Focus Categories:

  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Marketing: Inclusive marketing that considers diversity in all forms, to include LGBTQA+
  • Recruitment Marketing: Tactics used to attract and retain employees
  • Audience Marketing on New Platforms: Marketing programs on new consumer or technology channels including TikTok, Metaverse, Gaming, NFTs

Entries will also be accepted in these Adrian Awards categories (Category Descriptions):

Division Category
Advertising Brand Activation
Advertising Innovation
Advertising Print Collateral
Advertising Connected TV/Streaming/Linear
Advertising Consumer/Group Sales/Travel Trade
Advertising Television
Advertising Corporate Social Responsibility
Digital Audio
Digital Experiential Marketing
Digital Virtual Reality/Artificial Intelligence
Digital Technology
Digital Innovation
Digital Metaverse/Gaming/NFT
Digital Editorial
Digital Publisher Content
Digital App
Digital Corporate Social Responsibility
Digital Contest/Sweepstakes
Digital Multimedia Single Channel
Digital Search Marketing Strategy
Digital Social Media Campaign
Digital Social Media/Social Networking
Digital Multimedia (Video, Animation) Multiple Channel
Digital Web Site
Integrated Campaign Corporate Social Responsibility
Integrated Campaign Content Marketing
Integrated Campaign Business to Business
Integrated Campaign Business to Consumer
Integrated Campaign Innovation
Public Relations/Communications Corporate Social Responsibility
Public Relations/Communications Influencer Marketing
Public Relations/Communications Innovation
Public Relations/Communications FEATURE PLACEMENT ONLINE – Consumer Media
Public Relations/Communications FEATURE PLACEMENT ONLINE – Trade Media
Public Relations/Communications FEATURE PLACEMENT PRINT – Consumer Magazine or Newspaper
Public Relations/Communications MARKETING PROGRAM – Consumer
Public Relations/Communications NEW OPENING/LAUNCH
Public Relations/Communications RE-LAUNCH OF EXISTING PRODUCT
Public Relations/Communications SPECIAL EVENT

Note: Work completed after January 1, 2021 through the date of entry, 2022 is eligible for entry. Entries submitted in prior years may be resubmitted if the results of the campaign have changed significantly, or if additional elements have been added to the piece or program after January 1, 2022.