Files & Uploading

Uploading your Creative:

To avoid entry problems, please review the file format, size requirements, and upload instructions listed below.

Acceptable file types and sizes allowed within the competition are the following:

  • Links and URL’s (links should remain active through March 2024, Max file size: 250 MB)
  • Graphic: PDF, GIF, JPEG/JPG
  • Video: MPEG/MPG, WMV, MOV
  • Audio: AVI, WMG, WAV, MP3, AIFF

Minimum creative file requirements for all categories is one (1) upload or link. Maximum creative files allowed for all entry categories are eight (8) uploads and three (3) links.

Uploading Files

Within the entry site files can be uploaded from the Uploads and URL tab.

Entrants should test all files prior to uploading. The files you upload will be used for judging.

Click “BROWSE” to locate the file in your file system. Verify the file path that appears is correct and click “UPLOAD FILE.”

Successfully uploaded files will appear as a thumbnail or be represented by an icon image of the file type.

Select the plus sign to add additional files. Click the Save button when finished uploading your creative.

You may delete files and replace them at any point prior to submitting your entries for judging.


What types of files can I upload?

For Printed Materials:
pdf, jpeg, gif

Files should not exceed 5 MB each

For Web Images:
Accepted file formats: .gif, .jpg, or a link to the actual entry is acceptable.
Images files should not exceed 5MB each
Images should be web quality

For Audio:
Accepted audio file formats: avi, wmg, wav, mp3
Audio files should not exceed 5MB

For Film/Video/Multimedia:
Accepted file formats: .mpeg, .mpg, wmv, .mp4
Recommended pixel size: 1920 x 1080
Files should not exceed 25MB