Hospitality Recovery Hero: Nareen Cano

As part of the 2021 Adrian Awards program, HSMAI Hospitality Recovery Heroes is honoring hospitality professionals working toward recovery at the local and front-line levels, supporting hotels, destinations, safety measures, and charitable programs that have helped make a difference for their companies and in their communities. HSMAI has three final hospitality professionals to honor as part of the 2021 class of Hospitality Recovery Heroes.

HOSPITALITY RECOVERY HERO: Nareen Cano, Director of Finance and Accounting at Terranea Resort

CONTRIBUTION: Nareen Cano has and continues to play a pivotal role in leading the recovery efforts for Terranea Resort. She has performed an exemplary job in leading the finance and accounting teams. Cano is described by her team as one of the most collaborative people in the resort. In addition to her demanding role, she always carves out time to help other departments when they are short-staffed.

She is also described as the glue that holds the accounting function together, all while making sure that every aspect of finance and accounting processes and procedures are fulfilled.

RESULTS: Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and transition to recovery, Cano has maintained a positive attitude while leading her team to ensure the path forward would lead to financial stability and success. She multitasked many roles and moved fluidly to cover all of the department’s responsibilities, all while working with a team that had been reduced to more than half of its pre-pandemic size.

She also endured the complicated task of forecasting and re-forecasting on a weekly basis to mitigate and account for the continuous changes of health and safety mandates. Cano also had to manage the complex billing of the over 500 groups that shifted dates and modified their programs.

NOMINATED BY: Agnelo Fernandes, chief strategy officer and executive vice president, Terranea Resort, “Nareen plays an integral part in the recovery and rebuilding of Terranea Resort. Her determination and drive to ensure we are delivering excellence to our associates, guests, and stakeholders is unwavering. She is the ultimate team player, who leads with compassion and a remarkable talent for whom we are all grateful.”