HSMAI Hospitality Hero: Holly Zoba

As part of the 2020 Adrian Awards, HSMAI Hospitality Heroes is honoring hospitality professionals for their efforts to take a leadership position, champion a cause, or create a program that has directly benefited industry workers, medical personnel, first responders, or communities impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. 

HOSPITALITY HERO: Holly Zoba, CHDM, owner of Scout Simply and Influencer Sales Training, based in Chandler, Arizona, and an HSMAI member

CONTRIBUTION: When a group of entrepreneurs launched KickCOVID.us, a crowdsourced website that provides free public health and safety data about hotels, restaurants, and other public locations across the United States, longtime hospitality evangelist Zoba promptly signed on as a volunteer. Then she recruited additional volunteers throughout the industry, including through her position as director of membership for the HSMAI Arizona Chapter, for which she created a promotional video.

RESULTS: KickCOVID’s tagline is “Spread the word, not the virus!” Thanks to Zoba and other industry volunteers, travelers are getting accurate, up-to-date information that helps them safely patronize hospitality outlets.

NOMINATED BY: Cheryl Street, CHSP, CHME, member of the HSMAI Arizona Chapter Board of Directors — “Holly is a problem solver with a genuine love for this industry. The definition of a doer is ‘a person who acts rather than merely talking or thinking.’ She is going to do everything she can to help this industry recover.”

The HSMAI Adrian Awards have been honoring excellence in travel marketing for 64 years. Entry information for the 2020 Adrian Awards will open October 1. For more information, visit www.adrianawards.com.